Radianz™ Quartz

Samsung Radianz is available in a choice of more than 25 colors, with variable crystal sizes allowing you to settle on the best look to suit your vision, your taste and your interior environments. From spotless Everest White to the intriguing, eye-catching shimmer of Ferio Black, Samsung Radianz surfaces bring interiors to life, whether you seek something pure and minimalistic for a classical setting, or a fitting that draws in the eye and becomes a beguiling conversation piece in the contemporary home or commercial setting.

Samsung Radianz will enhance any home construction or remodeling project. Here are a few common uses in a home setting:

  • Kitchen countertops, backsplashes and table tops
  • Bathroom countertops, vanity tops, tub-decks
  • Windowsills and shower-walls

Of course you can also find Samsung Radianz in the commercial world, where it’s used as:

  • Bar-tops and table-tops
  • Lavatories and public washrooms
  • Wall surfaces and other décor-trim
  • Transaction decks and cash-wraps
  • Reception areas and work-stations
  • Food service areas and work-stations
  • Specialty kiosks and fixtures

Think possibilities not limits, because its flexibility of application really allows Samsung Radianz to be a beautiful fit anywhere in the home or workplace.